Another whole world of sound


Kimwei approaches the guitar much the same way as she approaches life – from a different angle. Her lifestyle experiments such as only travelling by Fixed Gear bike for a year, living in a yurt, and running out of money on purpose in her self created £0 Challenge are chronicled on her blog/vlog. 2017 sees Kimwei meandering in the UK as a Digital Nomad, teaching on Skype, blogging and gigging.

Kimwei is an inventive and expressive guitar player, composer and singer, using every available part of the guitar in her compositions. In 2015 She was featured in three episodes of Guitar Star series 1 (Sky Arts UK), and currently lectures on a Music BA (Hons) through Wolverhampton University/AMS Online. The role includes mentoring composition, songwriting, and percussive guitar students and teaching film music. She has also written percussive guitar materials for BTEC and songwriting materials for Foundation Degree.

As a singer-songwriter Kimwei has self-released two albums and two solo acoustic guitar CDs. Her most recent, ‘Refraction & Redemption’ is haunting and delicate, with a strong core of hope, bringing light to dark themes. Her work has been featured on Channel 4, BBC Spotlight Oxford, BBC Radio Devon and the Royal Society of Chemistry’s “Friday Lates”.