Kimwei is Head Mentor for AMSonline, providing a BA and Masters Music in partnership with The University of West London:

AMSonline creates an environment which fosters the strongest and most productive teacher/student engagements I have ever experienced. How many courses actually provide regular one to one sessions with a tutor? The format allows me to really get in there and focus deeply on each individual’s needs. As a result, it’s incredibly rewarding to witness a steep curve of learning in AMSonline students.

The BA and MMus modules are extremely flexible and include a wide range of options from performance to production to music business. You can choose your pathway through the course, creating study projects that truly excite you. You can specialise or choose a cocktail of topics. Some students unexpectedly discover their calling in film composition or event management through this course. Others are hardworking professional players who realise they can become entrepreneurs and take full control of their work-life.  

Since the courses can be taken part-time from home, AMSonline makes Higher Education in music accessible to a wider range of people, including those who cannot afford to take a sabbatical from work in order to study. This enables many students to use our courses to make the life-change they’d never thought possible, such as switching professions, finding their passion or discovering new skills and creative abilities. No wonder teaching for AMSonline is highly emotive and inspiring!

– Kimwei


In 2006 Kimwei completed a BMus (Hons) at The Guitar Institute (now ICMP), under the expert tuition of its founder Shaun Baxter, catching his last years of teaching there. He was invited to play at an exclusive Graduation Show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, a honour reserved for the year group’s top players. Following this, Kimwei was headhunted by Shaun to begin teaching for The Academy of Music and Sound (of which he is both a co-owner and Academic Director). AMS is the biggest network of popular music schools in the UK, founded by acoustic guitarist and composer Kevin Harding.

After completing a PCGE (Plymouth University) and teaching FE courses for several years, Kimwei came into his own when in 2011 he was asked to pilot a BA Top Up for AMS, both on site and as a distance learning course. He took to the role so passionately that BA Mentoring became his biggest focus. He is now the Head Mentor for AMSonline teaching on their BA and MMus Courses, as well as training their team of expert teaching staff.