Anthems For Change Project 2023 (left to right) Lisa, Chris, Anita and Kimwei

Music in Protest 2020-23

Kirk Pritchard 2023
Kirk Pritchard 2023
Kirk Pritchard 2023
Kirk Pritchard 2023
Kirk Pritchard 2023
William Joshua Templeton 2023
William Joshua Templeton
Nick Bowring 2023

With Dr Emily Grossman  2020: Kimwei and his partner Emily offer workshops together on the topics of relating (Relating Without A Map / Do You See Me?) and the Climate and Ecological Emergency. To find out more, see Emily’s website.

Credit: Lucy Levene
Credit: Morag MacDonald at

Live 2019

Extinction Rebellion 2019

Guest Starring as Tomcat in The Cat’s Meow Videoshoot by Gaslight Troubadours 2018 Photo & makeup credit: Wunderland Make-up FX Studio

Exeter Steampunk Ball, 2018

Nothing’s Binary Album Cover Photoshoot 2018 Photo, make-up and costume credit: Wunderland Make-up FX Studio

2017 Nothing’s Binary Photoshoot Credit Nigel Cheffers-Heard

Dartington Outings Festival Photoshoot 2017, with Billie Bottle Credit: Dartington Hall

Live 2017 Credit: Laura Wright

Guitar Star Photoshoot Credit: Ian Beech Images 2015

Guitar Star Series 1 (Sky Arts, 2015), with Rodrigo y Gabriela

Credit: White & Cream Photography, 2014

ARCHIVE 2006-14