Music Masterclasses

As well as giving music Masterclasses with AMSonline, where I am Head Mentor for a BA and MMus accredited by The University of West London, I am available as an independent facilitator for your institution or event.

Fingerstyle Guitar Techniques: A tour of extended acoustic guitar techniques, percussive playing and laptapping, guaranteed to inspire and open up your perspective on the guitar.

Acoustic Guitar Technique Clinic: A traditional masterclass session in which you have the opportunity to bring your technical barriers, frustrations and obstacles to the table. As an instrumental tutor on an MMus course one of my roles is to prepare guitar students for final performances, helping them to resolve issues with their playing that are holding them back, and in this session I’ll be applying my experience help you free up your playing.

Songwriting Without Blocks : A workshop session in which you get to write songs with others, and it’s easier and more magical than you might think.

Narrative in Performance : Originally conceived to help performance students prepare for their final recital, this is a participatory session which encourages instrumental musicians in particular to transform their playing by setting a story to their pieces.

Study Survival Kit: This one hour session will save you 100 hours or more, as I take you through a prioritisation and productivity journey to help you get through your music studies, as well as touching on accelerated learning practice techniques.