For the past few years I have been facilitating workshops at Summer Festivals and conferences around the UK, from Buddhafield to Queer Spirit, as well as JPK Publishing Connected Through Autism Conference and The Embodiment Festival. Some sessions I co-facilitate with my wife Dr Emily Grossman.

Do You See Me, at Buddhafield 2022

Please get in touch if you would like to book, and/or would like more information about any of the following, for your festival, conference or event.

  • Do You See Me?: The True Power of Being Seen For Who You Truly Are
  • Let’s Put This World To Writes: a climate themed writing workshop
  • Kimwei’s Band of Bards: creative writing workshops where you too can become a Bard.
  • Become A Bard Performance Workshop: A storytelling workshop which doubles up as the search for the bard of this festival – by audience vote.
  • Harness Your Power To Protect The Planet (solo or with Dr Emily Grossman)
  • Self Touch Workshop: A nourishing, gender free, ritual
  • What Turns You On?: The Science of Sexual Arousal (led by Dr Emily Grossman)
  • Relating Without A Map: exploring relating and neurodifferences, with myself and Dr Emily Grossman.