Kimwei’s Bardic Manifesto

As Grand Bard of Exeter, I have taken an oath to the land and the people of Exeter, to represent them as Bard, through the arts of poetry, story and music.

Over the course of the 7 year position (2019-2026) it is up to me to decide what I shall do to fulfill that oath. There is no fee associated with being a Bard and I can choose everything myself, but of course it is best to start always by listening to the city, the land and the people, and calling in the Arwen – spirit of inspiration.

2023 Manifesto: Music in Protest – to contribute to the soundtrack of this revolution, representing the land and the people in song within protest movements/demonstrations/events.

2020-2022 Pandemic Manifesto: To represent the people through story collection through my broadcasting relationship with BBC Devon as Artist in Residence for the Arts & Culture Show during the Pandemic.

2019 Manifesto: To represent Exeter as a Musician and Spoken Word artist in Extinction Rebellions Climate Protests.

For the whole time:

Hosting Exeter Story Club – 1st Wednesday of every month.

Writing a novel: Over the last few years I have written a novel inspired by Exeter, as part of my Bardic work. I am currently working on a 3rd draft under the guidance of an agent.

To ensure there is an online profile for Bards of Exeter, here at

Representing the people of Exeter on BBC Radio Devon. Over the years I have done this as a Pause For Thought contributor (discontinued) with Laura James, an Artist in Residence (Arts & Culture Show with Sarah Gosling) mentioned above, and I am now a regular guest on BBC Radio Devon’s mid morning topical discussions with David FitzGerald.

2018 “normal” Bard Manifesto: I was in the 1 year position of Bard of Exeter (as opposed to Grand Bard) in 2018 and my manifesto was lengthy and based on 4 principles:

  1. Supporting the existing scene.
  2. Encouraging crosspollination and integration within in the bardic arts.
  3. Seeking new artists and new audiences – outreach.
  4. Being visible and active as bard to achieve the above.