As Grand Bard of Exeter I host Exeter Story Club, Cowick Barton Pub, 1st Wednesday of every month. Come along and tell a tale and/or hear a tale.

  • Nov 20th, Private concert for Beyond Borders Refugee Hotel
  • Oct 28th, Bath Unite To Survive one day Rebellion, hosted by Extinction Rebellion. See the video 
  • Oct 14th, Exeter Hope Hall, EDIFF Dance Festival Awards event, hosting and Awarding the prize for Best Soundtrack as a Guest Curator. MORE INFO COMING SOON 
  • Oct 7th, Right To Roam private event.
  • Sept 30th, Dartmoor, Wildcard March For Nature, Anthems For Change performance with Christopher Dance, Lisa Rowe, Anita Clarinet MORE INFO
  • Sept 16th, London, Global Fight Against Fossil Fuels March, Flashmob performance. MORE INFO
  • Sept 7pm 22nd and 7pm 23rd, Devon Transformed Festival, Dartington Totnes, playing songs from my upcoming album Anthems For Change with Christopher Dance, Lisa Rowe, Anita Clarinet. TICKETS
  • August 12-13th, Bath, Extinction Rebellion Drum / Rhythms Camp, Teaching, TICKETS
  • June 4th, Exeter Phoenix, Billie Bottle & The Multiple, guest “Wolf” on the whistle. TICKETS 
  • April 21st-24th, The Big One Climate Protest, London, active as protest musician throughout MORE INFO 
  • March 11th, Torquay Museum, Made For Music concert – playing instruments from the musical instrument exhibition. TICKETS
  • Feb 11st, Ashburton Arts Centre, Billie Bottle & The Multiple, guest “Wolf” on the whistle.
  • Feb 11th, Torquay Museum, Made To Be Played music workshop.
  • Jan 21st, Dartmoor, Wild-camping Protest with Right To Roam and The Stars Are For Everyone, See video of event


  • Oct 8th, Exeter Library, Queer Celebration, playing queer original songs.
  • Sept 14th-18th, Green Awakening Festival (Buddhafield), presenting my workshop “Harness Your Power to Protect The Planet”
  • Sept 9th, Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre, Fingerstyle Collective Guitar Festival – 11am Guitar Masterclass, 1pm concert. TICKETS.
  • Sept 3rd, Totnes, Private Function.
  • August 19th, Beautiful Days Festival, playing green original songs and participating in Climate Panel “How Can We Speed Up Action?” with Prof Richard Betts, Dr Emily Grossman and Emma de Saram.
  • 15-17th July, Buddhafield Festival, presenting my workshops “Do You See Me: The Power of Being Seen for Who We Really Are” and “Harness Your Power To Protect The Planet”
  • 14th-17th June, Venues around Exeter including MakeArt and Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre, Non-Binary Liberation Week by Exeter University, participating in Non-Binary discussion panel and performing original queer songs.
  • 8th June 2022, Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre, South West Dance Hub scratch night, improvising music for dance with Jen Pill, playing flutes, guitar and drums, with multi-instrumentalist Ric Buyer.
  • 22nd March, Online, Autism Conference, with Dr Emily Grossman, presenting our session “Navigating Relationships between Different Neurotypes”


Throughout 2021 I continued to act as Artist/Bard in Residence for BBC Radio Devon’s Arts and Culture Show, hosted by Sarah Gosling – a role which lasted from Spring 2020 until early 2022. Listen to my full audio portfolio here:


Due to the 2020 Pandemic it’s unknown when I’ll be doing more live events, however please see the WORDS section of this website to hear my portfolio of BBC Radio appearances.


  • November 11th, Online, 5.30-7pm is, Cambridge Zero, Let’s Put The World To Writes: Sustainable Future Writing Workshop, Book here
  • October 20th, Online, 10am, The Embodiment Conference – presenting a workshop with Dr Emily Grossman. Register for your free ticket here and click on Emily Grossman
  • August 22nd, BardFest online (an event which supports the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and the Trussell Trust. Book online here



  • Dec 11th, Play Anthology book launch, Susan Taylor and Simon Williams, Royal Seven Stars, Totnes.
  • Dec 1st, Kimwei’s Nothing’s Binary Album Launch, Gallery 36, Exeter.
  • Nov 16th, Exeter’s first Haiku Slam, performing and judging, Exeter Phoenix, details TBC
  • Nov 8th, Music Performance Masterclass, Plymouth University, Private Event – please contact Kimwei if you are interested in a Masterclass for your University or students.
  • Nov 7th, Exeter Story ClubCowick Barton Inn Exeter, 8-10pm, Kimwei hosts. £3 to audience, tellers FREE.
  • Oct 7th, Exeter Poetry Slam, performing and judging, Exeter Phoenix, £8/6
  • Oct 5th, Exeter Poetry Festival, opening for Matt Harvey, Exeter Community Centre, £6/5
  • Oct 4th, Exeter Poetry Festival, performing original poem settings at Alex Cluness Tribute event, City Gate Hotel, £3/2
  • Oct 3rd, Exeter Story ClubCowick Barton Inn Exeter, 8-10pm, Kimwei hosts. £3 to audience, tellers FREE.
  • Sept 28th, performing at The Word Cafe, Dartington, FREE
  • Sept 19, headlining at Taking The Mic, Exeter Phoenix, FREE
  • Sept 17th, BBC Radio Devon Pause For Thought Guest all week (6.20am weekdays and 7.20am at the weekend).
  • Sept 5th, Exeter Story Club, Cowick Barton Inn Exeter, Kimwei hosts, £3 to audience, tellers FREE.
  • August 29th, The Summerhouse Weekend, Kimwei provides workshop entitled “Nothing’s Binary” and also performs.
  • August 25th, Exeter Street Arts Festival, Phoenix Terrace, 11.30am, a cat themed set, FREE.
  • August 9th, Big Poetry at The Blue Walnut, Tickets on the door.
  • July 29th, Private Function. Please contact Kimwei if you are interested in booking for your own private event.
  • June 17th, Togetherness Festival, London, Kimwei provides workshop entitled “Do You See Me?” TICKET LINK
  • May 18th, Snake Tales – Kimwei provides the live soundtrack for Storyteller David Heathfield’s snake themed show, Crediton Arts Centre, 8pm, Tickets £5-8. TICKET LINK
  • April 30th, Bard Of Exeter Competition, 6-7.30pm, Exeter Phoenix Workshop Space, Tickets: Donations. EVENT PAGE
  • April 27th, Music Performance Masterclass, Plymouth University, Private Event – please contact Kimwei if you are interested in a Masterclass for your University or students.