My £0 Challenge Video Series: In summer 2014 I took my own, self-designed £0 Challenge, to run out of money on purpose and then build back up from zero without begging borrowing or stealing. Here’s my video series about the experience.

The section of my weblog that chronicles this in text starts here: £0 Challenge


Symphony For Happiness: A Lifestyle Blog

IMG_0094Kimwei’s blog covering his alternative lifestyle as a digital nomad, musician and all ’round creative. Topics include minimalism, travel and her £0 Challenge of 2014, in which Kimwei ran out of money on purpose and built his way back up from nothing.

Symphony For Happiness is also available in Vlog form:


Full-Time Fixie: A Cycle Blog

(This was before I came out as Non-Binary and changed my pronouns he/him)

Kimwei’s first blog – an essential read for anyone thinking of taking up cycling as their full time method of transport. Includes cycle stories, info on how to get started and hints and tips for those wanting to make the transition to carlessness.

For the whole of 2012, Kimwei made the commitment to go car-free and travel everywhere on a Fixed Gear bike, for the environmental, health, and financial benefits. Full-Time Fixie is an archive of her writings from that time period.