Nothing’s Binary – New video with Billy Bottle

SO happy that the magnificent Billy Bottle agreed to sing this song with me. They were/are fantastic on every level, and I’m very proud to present this video we created to co-incide with Exeter Pride.

Our idea was to show us dressed the most masculine and feminine we both tend to dress. We’d love to make a collaborative video for this song with more people, in time for International Non-Binary Day on July 14th. Stay tuned.

The song is about being non-binary, but also celebrating LGTBQ as a whole, this goes out to anyone who seeks to be seen for who they truly are. When we accept each other, we love each other, and when we love each other we change the world. So please, please share this video with someone who truly sees you / someone you truly see/ someone else. Billy and I would love it if you did.

Find Billy’s music at: