Stand Your Ground – my song for the people of Ukraine

With love in my heart I wrote this song on March 2nd 2022 for the people of the Ukraine and recorded and uploaded it online as soon as I could. I was thrilled to have receive news that within 24hrs it had reached some people in the Ukraine. One woman wrote, “My family is at the Polish border right now. Your angel song has helped.”

Next a crowd of people joined me in Totnes and we sang the song together.

After that I was joined by an international group of 25 singers for this incredible splitscreen video performance.

We have this to say about the above:

“We are a group of professional singers and beginner singers who have come together – these are our voices, sending love in solidarity with Ukraine at this time. It’s worth also saying that despite the lyrics of the song focusing on Ukraine itself, there is no reason not to send this song out to all affected in any country affected by this conflict. Because I wanted the song to send our message in its most natural form, no auto tune or corrective editing has been used. Singers include two Ukrainian refugees who crossed the border safely only a few days ago, as well as singers in 8 different countries in total. We are sending angels now, with love from:

  • Kimwei McCarthy, Grand Bard of Exeter, UK
  • Ami Jo Lee, Singer, Devon UK
  • Laura Kamau, Singer, UK
  • Liz Franklin-Kitchen, Royal Opera, UK
  • Phil Hogg, Singer, Totnes UK
  • Tammy (Singer) & David Heathfield (Storyteller) Exeter UK
  • Tom Pottage, Musician, Nottingham UK
  • Adrianne Greenbaum, Singer & Professor of Flute at Mount Holyoke College USA
  • Jennifer Parnall, Singer, Spain/Canada
  • Kimaya Gurung, Storyteller, Kathmandu Nepal
  • Laura Collins, Singer/Vocal Coach, Birmingham UK
  • Oli Savill, Musician
  • Emily Grossman, Singer, Totnes UK
  • Andii Diamond, Singer, Birmingham UK
  • Marina Rolink, Singer, Glasgow UK
  • Alla Goeksu, Storyteller, with family and friends, Germany & Ukraine

You can donate to support the people suffering because of the war through any of the following

Red Cross:


Disasters Emergency Committee:

Thank you to the people of Totnes for singing with me, to St Mary’s Church for having us, and especially to Chris Dance for organising. Please share this video far and wide to encourage as many people as possible to send prayers, hope and angels to Ukraine. If you can send this to anyone in Ukraine or refugees of Ukraine, even better, since at this time morale is so important.

Download my solo version of this song free:

See my Version of the song here: