New blog “This Machine Births Change: Soundtracking The Climate Revolution”

For those of you who enjoyed my previous blogs on classic topics such as running out of money on purpose, living in a van (with a cat), living in a yurt with no electricity or travelling everywhere for a year on a bike with one gear, you’ll be pleased to know that I have an new blog, chronicling this year in which I’m devoting all my musical energy to music in protest. This Machine Births Change: Soundtracking the Climate Revolution is where you’ll find all my latest songs, performance media and thoughts on how to change the world for the better.

“Why am I devoting this year to making climate protest music? Because we need it. And, because the system is so broken that songs about things that really matter to us are not able to thrive. When it’s plain for all to see that Climate Change is the biggest issue we face today and yet it’s almost impossible to find a song about it on the Radio/TV/Streaming Charts, then something is seriously wrong.”

Love & Rage. x

Kimwei (he/him)