Day 10 Update: Anthems For Change Crowdfunder

Thank you SO much to all who have pledged to get us so far in such a short time! In just 10 days we’ve reached nearly £1.4k. If it keeps going at this rate, we’ll hit our £3.5k target in time, but to do that we’ll need your help! Please keep on sharing our campaign (shortlink = ) on socials and with your friends who would love us.

In the first 10 days we have:

Announced the launch of the campaign live on BBC Radio Devon: FULL INTERVIEW WITH LIVE PERFORMANCE

Received 36 pledges – Thank you! With a special mention to our big pledges of £250 and £400 (anonymous for now)! Big and small pledges all make a difference, so do encourage your friends to pledge £1 or more.

Received written support from:

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll change the world… go support!” -Rob Hopkins, Transition Towns.

“This is music that makes a difference” Caroline, Extinction Rebellion “The Big One” Team.

“The campaign has not only been fought on legal, objective grounds but also…through creative means -storytelling, song, music art – we’ve seen all of that through this campaign which has spoken to so many people in so many ways…” – Lewis Winks, Right To Roam & The Stars Are For Everyone.

Written a NEW SONG for The Dartmoor Wildcamping campaign, as landowner Darwall comes back for a court appeal to again try and get the right to camp on Dartmoor revoked. The song RIP OUT HIS POCKETS OLD CROCKERN has already garnered 5000+ views in just 1 day, raising awareness to support the campaign.

Thanks again for all your support and keep on putting the word out so we can get the funding we need to bring this music to where it’s needed!

Here’s an example of a post:

I loved this album project by Kimwei and his band so much that I’ve just funded it! Help support them to finish recording it and to take the music out to perform this Autumn. #AnthemsForChange: Album & Live Music to Build A New World. Where is the soundtrack for the climate revolution? We believe it’s down to us, musicians born into these interesting times, to make it.

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Love & Rage -Kimwei (he/him), Chris (he/him), Lisa (she/her), Anita (she/her)