Anthems For Change Album Crowdfunding Update! 45% of goal reached… but progress is slow… help us pick it up to get to the finish line – only 10 days to go!

Thank you so much to all who have pledged and shared since our last update!

However, progress has been slow overall, and with 55% still to go and only 10 days left, we need your help to get us to £3.5K! Please keep sharing on socials, in group chats (Whatsapp etc) and with friends who would love our music/project. This is an “all or nothing campaign”, so if we don’t reach our goal we won’t be able to finance our album or support protest campaigns by playing live through the coming season.

Since our last update:

Anita and I were in the studio recording new song Rip Out His Pockets Old Crockern to support Right to Roam and The Stars Are For Everyone in the fight to keep the right to Wildcamp on Dartmoor.

I supported the right to Wildswim on a protest at Spitchwick, writing the song River Run Through Me, on location, on the morning of the protest. It was covered by BBC Spotlight, and in a small win the landowners agreed to change the signs which had said “No Swimming”.

Coming Soon:

After a Dartmoor week comes a return to Climate Protest as Chris and I head to London to musically support the Global Fight Against Fossil Fuels – an international string of marches demanding a rapid, just, and equitable end to fossil fuels, as world leaders attend the United Nations Secretary General’s Climate Ambition Summit in New York.

Devon Transformed Festival – we’ll play a full set on 22nd Sept, hopefully celebrating this crowdfunding campaign being a success the day before! We’ll be following a talk by George Monbiot and passing the evening on to Holly Ebony.

Thanks again for all your support and keep on putting the word out so we can get the funding we need to bring this music to where it’s needed!

Here’s an example of a post: I loved this album project by Kimwei and his band so much that I’ve just funded it! Help support them to finish recording it and to take the music out to perform this Autumn. #AnthemsForChange: Album & Live Music to Build A New World. Where is the soundtrack for the climate revolution? We believe it’s down to us, musicians born into these interesting times, to make it.

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Love & Rage

-Kimwei (he/him), Chris (he/him), Lisa (she/her), Anita (she/her)